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The Quantum2 and Heat Mirror® technology: Your first smart window.

What makes the Heat Mirror® glass insulating system so special?
Originally developed by MIT scientists, the Heat Mirror® technology behind the Quantum2 seems so uncomplicated that it’s hard to believe it was once a tightly-guarded U.S. military secret.

How does Heat Mirror® technology work?

A pair of double strength window panes seal a transparent, weightless film creating a “super-insulating” chamber. These films are coated with nanoscopic amounts of metal to reflect heat. Combined with inert, thermal-insulating gases, these films create a powerful Heat Mirror® glass insulating system.

This brilliantly simple innovation offers vastly superior performance to typical single-, double- and even triple-pane windows.

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Features of the Quantum2

Lightweight, suspended film technology.

A beautiful view. Unmatched solar control. Protection from outdoor noise pollution. The breakthrough technology in the Quantum2 makes life at home more comfortable.

Performance beyond triple-pane insulated glass (IG).

The Quantum2 blocks over 99% of dangerous UV rays while insulating your home like a wall. Smart technology lets the Quantum2 adjust with the seasons to maximize indoor comfort and slash your energy bills.

World-class quality and craftsmanship.

The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station. The Boeing Museum of Flight. The Empire State Building. These world-famous structures utilize the same heat-mirror technology that you can have in your home.

The best way to see your world.

The benefits of the Quantum2

Can a window really give you a better life? Yes. Here’s how.

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How to get the Quantum2 windows in your home

Anyone can sell you a window. We want to enhance your lifestyle.

If you’re interested in Quantum2 window with Heat Mirror® glass insulating technology, you should know that we stand behind our product 100 percent. We know that Quantum2 windows will give you a happier, healthier, safer home.

We also feel strongly that our tried-and-true process is the best way to ensure that you get the windows you want in an open, transparent and up-front manner. When our work is done, we want you to feel good about the investment that you’ve made.

Here are 10 things you need to know about the way we work before diving in:


We provide superior customer service.

From the first time we talk to the final window installed, we are your partner every step of the way.


The relationship starts with an in-home consultation.

Many window-buyers are making their first purchase. It’s too big of an investment to make without proper education. We’ll come out to your home, at your convenience, to make sure you completely understand the product, advantages, opportunities and costs.


You choose the colors, styles, sizes, designs and features that you want.

We can make suggestions or recommendations, but you make the final say in all decisions.


Want a different look? We can make it happen.

We’ll work with you to get the aesthetics perfect for your home.


A measured approach.

Our window technicians will use the latest equipment to make precise and accurate measurements, ensuring the right fit and faster installation.


Custom windows, made for you.

Your Quantum2 windows are specially manufactured for your home. No factory stock, no forced fits.


Professional installation by real pros.

On time. Courteous. Clean. Our installation teams are true professionals who want to make sure you enjoy an efficient experience that leaves your home the way it was - with better windows, of course.


The learning process continues as your Quantum2 windows go in.

Our team members are happy to explain their work, every step of the way. Feel free to hang around, ask questions and get a real feel for the job - after all, it’s your home.


A lifetime warranty.

No nonsense. We stand behind our work. If there’s a problem or you need service - ever - call us and we’ll fix it for free. Seriously.


Quantum2 windows start at $99 per month.

We want you to have the best windows in the market at a price you can afford.

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